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#1957-Abbreviations & Acronyms  $ 16.95   
Kip Sperry 

This book includes a very detailed list of the meanings for abbreviations, alphabetic symbols, initials, contractions and shortenings of words.  The listings are arranged alphabetically and include a brief explanation or description and appear as they would in the original documents.  Softbound - 201 pages.

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#40-500-Ancestor's Guide to Discovery  $ 19.95   
Jim Tyrrell 

This book outlines five steps that can be repeated time and again to help you gain the information you need to research your family. Each step includes a "how-to" section to explain the various tasks.  This book is considered a companion to the "Ancestors" series as seen on PBS. Softbound - 76 pages.

ancestors_guide_to_discovery.jpg (23797 bytes)

#2023-The Ancestry Family Historian's Address Book  $ 29.95  
Juliana Szucs Smith

This book is a directory of contact information for genealogical and historical societies; libraries, museums and archives and federal state, regional and local agencies whose collections include materials useful to the researcher.  For each organization, the listing includes:  Street address; mailing address; telephone number; fax number; e-mail and Internet address where applicable.  Softbound - 540 pages. 

the_ancestry_fam_hist_add_book.jpg (31956 bytes)

#1956-The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual  $ 19.95  
The Board For Certification of Genealogists

This book is designed to help anyone who is thinking about becoming a professional genealogist learn about the standards of the profession. Topics discussed include: Research standards; teaching standards and genealogical development standards. Included are various examples of the client report. Softbound - 125 pages.

the_bcg_gen_standards_manual.jpg (17531 bytes)

#1184-Becoming an Accredited Genealogist

$  19.95   
Karen Cliffored-A.G. 

This book will help you through the process of becoming an accredited genealogist. The author outlines the benefits of being accredited; describes the knowledge and basic research skills expected of a professional; examines the experiences, testing procedures and the application process required and the preparation needed beforehand. Softbound - 230 pages.

becoming_an_accredited_genealogist.jpg (23878 bytes)

#40-222-Before the Search-An Adoption Searcher's Primer   $ 12.00  
Michele Heiderer             

With this book, the author wants to educate you with the necessary knowledge BEFORE you begin your search.   Chapters include:  The Glossary; State Law; The Birth Certificate; The Adoption File; State and National Registries; Help Is Available and State Guidelines.  

Softbound - 80 pages. 

before_the_search.jpg (15856 bytes)

#40-013-Beginning Genealogy $ 12.00  
Fran Carter Walker

This is a very good beginner's publication which outlines the steps necessary to do good research. The author discusses a filing system, charts and forms, documentation, records, courthouse research and other topics. Softbound - 85 pages.

beginning_genealogy.jpg (14328 bytes)

#2114-Beyond Pedigrees:  Organizing and Enhancing Your Work $ 12.95  
Beverly DeLong Whitaker

The author discusses how to better manage all aspects of your research; how learning about the historical setting and geography of your lines can help your research and why collecting and studying photographs and other memorabilia can add important dimensions to your research. Included are eighteen professionally designed charts and forms which can be reproduced.  Softbound - 96 pages.

beyond_pedigrees.jpg (19806 bytes)

#2115-Chicago & Cook County-A Guide to Research $ 24.95  
Loretto Dennis Szucs

The sheer magnitude, bureaucratic barriers, and geographical distribution of Chicago and Cook County records present such formidable challenges that a complete knowledge of sources is almost impossible without help.  This guide is designed to shed an inviting light on the abundance of rich Chicago and Cook County sources, and to facilitate research for local and family historians, social journalists, students and teachers.  Softbound - 517 pages.

chicago_and_cook_county.jpg (27763 bytes)

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