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#1660-The Americans - A National Experience  $ 16.00   
Daniel J. Boorstin

This book is divided into several sections:  Part one is devoted to the New Englanders; part two-the Transients or joiners; part three-the Upstarts or business people; part four-the Southerners; part five-the vagueness of the land; part six-American ways of talking; part seven-search for symbols; part eight-a spacious republic.  Softbound - 517 pages. 

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#BN05-The Chronology of Words and Phrases:  A Thousand Years in the History of English  $ 12.65   
Cecil Woodham-Smith

Over the course of ten centuries, the authors have chosen roughly ten dates per hundred years to explore historic events and what impact they had on the English language. Softbound - 269 pages.

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#40-510-Everyday Life in the 1800s

$ 16.99   
Marc McCutcheon                                   


This is a historical as well as a writing reference book.  Beginning with a lively overview, major sections contain dozens of quotes form magazines and books published during the time, which illustrate the proper context for terms in everyday speech.  This book will help bring to life your story and characters as they lived in the 1800s.  Softbound - 308 pages.

everyday_life_in_the_1800s.jpg (21998 bytes)

#BN01-The Great Hunger $ 19.95   
Linda and Roger Flavell

This is the story of one of the worst disasters in world history; the Irish potato famine of the 1840s.  The author attempts to apportion the blame among the then unknown disease which affected the potato, the greedy landlords and the total lack of comprehension of the British government.   Hardbound - 510 pages.

the_great_hunger.jpg (20854 bytes)

#BN02-Roanoke-Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony  $ 25.95   
Lee Miller

The Lost Colony is America's oldest unsolved mystery.  For four hundred years, the question of what became of the doomed settlers has remained unanswered.  Where did they go? What really happened? Why did it happen?  The author goes back to original evidence and offers a fresh solution to the enduring riddle. "A page turner", as quoted from the London Times.   Hardbound - 362 pages.  

roanoke_solving_the_mystery_of_the_lost_colony.jpg (22815 bytes)