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#40-092-American Passenger Arrival Records

 $ 19.95 

Michael Tepper 

With this book, the reader will learn about the historical and legal aspects of passenger arrival records; what the records contain; where they can be found and how they can be used. Hardbound - 142 pages.

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#40-096-Guide to Naturalization Records of the United  States

$ 25.00  
Christina K. Schaefer

With this book, you will be able to identify the repositories of naturalization records in each state-by county and city.  The author identifies the types of records held (declarations of intention, petitions for naturalization, case files, indexes, etc.), their dates of coverage and the location of original and microfilmed records.  Hardcover-394 pages. 

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#40-212-Locating Your Immigrant Ancestor

 $ 12.95 

James C. Neagles and Lila Lee Neagles 

This publication relates primarily to the location of naturalization records prior to 1906.  The book discusses immigration patterns, various migratory groups, resources related to naturalization, the naturalization process and the locations of early records.  There is also a chapter which discusses records after 1906.  Large print.  Softbound - 153 pages.

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#40-105-Searching For Your Immigrant Ancestor

 $ 12.00 

Fran Carter-Walker 

You will learn about the naturalization process; some history concerning immigration and migration; other records which can be of help in locating an immigrant ancestor and where to find records.  A glossary of common terms and abbreviations of countries used in immigration records is included. Softbound - 90 pages. 

searching_for_your_immigrant_ancestor.jpg (19076 bytes)

#2623-They Came in Ships - Revised 3rd Edition

 $ 12.95

John P. Colletta, Ph.D.

The author helps you navigate through the numerous records, ship passenger lists and indexes, naturalization and immigration records and genealogy websites to find your immigrant ancestor.  You will learn how to determine your ancestor's most likely port of departure and arrival-plus much more.  Included are helpful hints, warnings and suggestions.  Softbound - 164 pages.

they_came_in_ships_3rd_edition.jpg (16718 bytes)