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#Family Tree Magazine- November 2007  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

This Issue features: 10 Web Sites Worth Your Money; How To Spot Errors In Your Genealogy; WWI Research Guide (Surefire Secrets For Tracing Soldiers And Civilians); 5 Tips To Protect Your Family's Privacy Online; Discover Your African-American Roots; 19 Tools to Convert Old Dates, Calculate Birthdays and More - 72 pages

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#Family Tree Magazine- January 2009  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

This issue features: 13 Google Tricks For Genealogists; guide To Deciphering Old Handwriting; Find Your Roots In An Hour!; 14 Quick Research Ideas; How To Locate Relatives' Letters, Postcard & Telegrams; Trace Your Mexican Ancestors; Recipes For Disaster:  Readers' Ickiest Family Dishes; Facebook For The Deceased - 72 pages.

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#Family Tree Magazine- March 2009  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

This issue features:  Find Your Family Without Going Broke! - 11 Genealogy Freebies; 7 Tips for Cheaper Research Trips; 6 Cost-Cutting Tricks; Secrets to Searching Library Catalogs; How To Preserve Grandma's Jewelry; Write Your Life Story - 6 Easy Steps - 72 pages.

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#Family Tree Magazine- May 2009  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

This issue features:  Ancestry.com Search Secrets; Which DNA Test Is Right For You?; FINALLY Find Your Elusive Ancestors! Strategies for Census Evaders, Mystery Immigrants & More; How To Put Your Family Tree On A Flash Drive; Top States For Genealogy; 5 Quick & Easy Ways To Save Your Family History; The Hairy Truth About Old Photos.

72 pages.

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#Family Tree Magazine- July 2009  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

This issue features:  Footnote.com-Search Hints & Hacks; Beginner's Guide To Genealogy Software; Guide To Special Censuses-9 Overlooked Sources & What They Say About Your Family; Make The Most Of Your Family Reunion; Discover Slave Ancestors-6 Key Records; Walt Disney's Family Tree; What Happened To The 1890 Census; 5 Web Sites For Digitized Family Histories - 72 pages.

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#Family Tree Magazine- September 2009  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

This issue features:  13 Tips To Find Your Ancestors Abroad; Beginner's Guide:  Library Research Made Easy; 101 Best Web Sites For Tracing Your Roots; Step by Step:  Searching the National Archives Web Site; 7 Essential Strategies for Jewish Genealogy; Read Worn Tombstones; Preserving Family Bibles; Discovering Ancestors' Personalities.

72 pages.

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#Family Tree Magazine- January 2010  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

SPECIAL 10th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE:  FREE SOFTWARE INSIDE-Family Tree Builder 4.0; 10 Best-Ever Family History Tips; Top 10 Web Tools For Genealogy; Trace Your Roots In Europe! 10 Research Secrets; Web Guide:  FamilySearch.org; 10 Surefire Ways To ID Old Photos; NEW:  Columns! Family Archivist; Document Detective and Time Capsule.       72 pages.

fam_tree_mag_Jan2010.jpg (31418 bytes)

#Family Tree Magazine- March 2010  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

This issue features:  Researching Your Ancestors' Births; Web Guide:  MYHERITAGE.COM; 6 Ideas To Use Twitter For Genealogy; Resolve to Find Your Roots In 2010; 27 Ways To Get Your Research In Shape; 7 Tech Tools To Speed Your Search; 8 Steps To Tap Relatives' Memories; PLUS:  Tracing Puerto Rican Roots; Family Tree Maker 2010 Review; Best Browser Toolbars; Canadian Censuses Online.  72 pages.

fam_tree_mag_Mar2010.jpg (26307 bytes)

#Family Tree Magazine- November 2010  $ 5.99    
Family Tree

This issue features:  Clip& Save Family History Cheat Sheet; Date Old Photos: A Visual Timeline; Get Organized! 10 Ways to Save Space (& Your Sanity); Web Search TIPS for Common Surnames; Genealogy Boot Camp:  6 Research Boosting Exercises; Find Your Roots in Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania; Create a Family Page on Facebook; Guide to OneGreatFamily.com. 72 pages.

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