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#2461-Finding Answers In US Census Records  16.95   
Loretto Dennis Szucs and Matthew Wright

This book is a comprehensive guide to help researchers effectively locate and use the abundant and valuable US census records; whether it is the population schedules, state and local census schedules or special census schedules.  There is also information on electronic census sources, as well as the companies that provide them.  Softbound - 163 pages.

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#3592-International Vital Records Handbook-4th Edition  $ 34.95  
Thomas Jay Kemp

This book offers a complete, up-to-date collection of vital records application forms from throughout the world.  Forms issued by the various civil registration offices and the current procedures for obtaining a birth, marriage or death certificate, and in many cases, divorce or adoption records are given for each state, province, territory or country.  

Softbound - 603 pages.  

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#2125-Land & Property Research in the United States $ 49.95  
E. Wade Hone with Heritage Consulting and Services

This book was created to provide a resource through which researchers can quickly determine the types of land records that are available for the times and places in which their ancestors lived.  The reader will also gain a better understanding of how to use the records and find the answers they are seeking.  Record repositories are listed at the end of each applicable chapter.  Hardbound - 517 pages.

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#40-070-State Census Records  $ 18.95  
Ann S. Lainhart            

State censuses have been taken at one time or another by most states since the formation of the country.  But unlike federal censuses, which have been taken every ten years, state censuses have been taken randomly.  This book provides a list of state census records-year by year, county by county and often district by district.  The author tells you where the records are located and what information you might expect to find.  Hardcover - 116 pages.

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#1032-U.S. Catholic Sources- A Diocesan Research Guide 14.95   
Virginia Humling

While the parish is the most fundamental unit for researching Roman Catholic records, diocesan archives are often the key to locating parishes, schools, hospitals and other Catholic institutions, some of which may have moved or closed. For every archdiocese and diocese in the United States, this guide identifies the geographical boundaries of each diocese, provides complete addresses and contact information and briefly outlines the holdings and research policies for each.  Softbound - 111 pages.

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