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#AC101-Nostalgic Postcards   $ 2.00  

Assortment of twenty different picture postcards from old photos in browntones. Memories of the "Good Old Days" in snapshots and studio poses of individuals, family groups and children. Popular for family reunion invitations

nostalgic_postcards.jpg (7751 bytes)

#PR45-Heart Pin-I Love Genealogy   $ 3.00  

This is a red heart with a green tree and the words:  "I Love Genealogy" in yellow lettering.  

pin_i_love_gen.jpg (9276 bytes)

#PR46-Pin-Ancestrally Challenged  $ 3.00   

This is a yellow pin with the words:  "I'm not stuck, I'm Ancestrally Challenged!" in black lettering.  There is also a funny face on the pin.  

pin_ancestrally_challenged.jpg (16537 bytes)

#PR47-Pin-Quilt Button  $ 3.00  

This is a white pin with a colorful quilt pattern.  In dark pink lettering are the words:  "Genealogy, putting the pieces together".  

pin_quilt_button.jpg (7220 bytes)

#PC102-Victorian Post Cards  $ 2.00   

Each post card is cream colored with the words:  "Thank You" written in script over a Victorian floral arrangement.  Approximately 25 in package.   

victorian_floral_thank_you_cards.jpg (6505 bytes)

#PR55-Recipe Cards - Coffee & Tea  $ 6.00   

There are 36 recipe cards measuring 4"x6".  

recipe_cards_coffee_and_tea.jpg (13687 bytes)

#PR79-Recipe Cards - Live Simply  $ 6.00   

There are 36 recipe cards measuring 4"x6".  

recipe_cards_live_simply.jpg (10148 bytes)

#PR69-Pencil Sharpener  $ 2.75   

This dark pink sharpener has the wording:  "I love Genealogy" written in white lettering.  It captures the shavings and can be opened and cleaned.  It measures 2".  


pencil_sharpener.jpg (11832 bytes)

#PR70-Soda Can Cozy  $ 3.50   

This cozy is black with the wording"  "Genealogy, It's not a hobby, it's an obsession!" written in gold lettering.  There is also an image of a tree in gold marking.  8 oz. 


soda_can_cozy.jpg (7619 bytes)

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