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#42-096-The Complete Beginner's Guide to Genealogy, the Internet and Your Genealogy Computer Program

 $ 24.95

Karen Clifford, A.G.                                               ON SALE

 $ 21.00

The purpose of this book is to combine traditional research methods with today's technology.  It is designed for the beginner, but is also  useful to the seasoned researcher.  Each chapter has an assignment to help further understanding of the topic.  Softbound - 336 pages.

the_complete_beg_guide_to_gen_on_the_internet.jpg (21865 bytes)

#42-050-Genealogy Software Guide   $ 24.95  
Marthe Arends                                                      ON SALE 

 $ 21.99   

This is a much-needed guide to genealogy software. She begins by answering frequently asked questions, such as:  Why use software?  What equipment is needed?  How do I choose and evaluate a program? The author reviews the major software programs, lists their major features and provides sample reports and screen shots.  Softbound - 269 pages.  

#42-130-Publishing A Family History with a Computer

 $ 18.50

Ilene Chandler Miller                                             ON SALE 

$ 15.95

This is a five step guide to help you publish your family history with your computer and your genealogy databases.  This book is helpful using any software, but its primary focus is publishing a family history using PAF.  Softbound - 101 pages. 

#40-111-The Genealogist's Companion and Sourcebook $ 16.99  
Emily Croom                                                        ON SALE

$ 14.95   

The author discusses different kinds of primary and secondary records, such as, church and funeral home records, government documents, court records, newspapers and maps.  The book also includes bibliographies and case studies.  Softbound - 230 pages.

the_gen_companion_and_sourcebook.jpg (26233 bytes)

#40-042-The Handybook for Genealogists - 9th edition $ 34.99  
Everton Publishers                                               ON SALE

$ 29.99    

Information for each state is given, which includes:  Archives, libraries and societies; available census records; state county data and maps and various other resource items.  There is also a section devoted to various foreign countries.  Hardbound - 602 pages.

the_handybook_for_gen_9th_edition.jpg (21844 bytes)

#BN21-The Official Family Tree Maker Manual - V. 9

 $ 24.99

Rhonda R. McClure                                               ON SALE

 $ 21.99

This guide shows you step by step how to build your family tree using FTM v. 9.  From the basics of adding family members to creating your final report, this guide is the perfect tool.  Softbound - 446 pages.  

the_official_fam_tree_maker_v9.jpg (23895 bytes)