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#62-310-Barbara Renick's Guide to Genealogy Information On-line   15.95 
Barbara Renick                                                        ON SALE $ 12.95     

Different types of databases on the Internet that can be used for genealogy research will be discussed, which include:   Portals, list of links, search engines, commercial sites, reference sites, collections, surname listings, genwebs and webrings, queries, Gedcom databases, online catalogs and more.  85 min. 

#2341-Family History on the Internet   15.95 
Alan E. Mann A.G.                                                   ON SALE $ 12.95     

From this video you will learn the basics of Internet research including:  Finding families; determining relationships; obtaining information; using mailing lists and more.  You will also get an overview of major genealogy websites, such as:  Family Search;  Ancestry.com; US Gen Web; Kindred Konnections; Roots Web and GenForum.  87 min. 

#2337-Online Reference Tools for Genealogy   15.95 
Barbara Renick                                                          ON SALE $ 12.95     

You will learn about the types of reference tools available to genealogists on the Internet including:  Educational; geographical; historical; language; locators; time; travel and utilities.  You will also learn about search engines; directories; portals; E-mail and discussion groups.  81 min.   

#2339-Publishing Your Family History on the Internet   15.95 
Richard S. Wilson                                                      ON SALE $ 12.95     

Richard will teach you how to publish your own family history on the Internet so that you can be a part of the ever-growing global information exchange. You will learn how to create your web site; how to convert your Gedcom files; how to link to other websites and how to get your website hosted.  77 min.  

#62-305-Using Family Search Internet Genealogy Site   15.95 
Stephen W. Lemmon                                                  ON SALE  12.95     

Using the website of the LDS church, you will learn how to:  Search for ancestors; view maps, forms, guides and other research aids; locate other websites containing family history information; learn about the world's largest Family History Library and more.  113 min.